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Surgeon's Choice

Customization Made Simple.

  • ASC improves efficiency and room flow. 

  • Surgical team members reduce prep time and waste.

  • Each surgeon has his/her preferred disposable instruments on hand.

Surgeon's Choice Option A

Two Options Available


Option A: Surgeon's Choice Card

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Option B: Surgeon's Choice Cannula Card*

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Surgeon's Choice is a new alternative solution to standard preference cards in that it provides the doctor's preferred surgical disposable instruments in a pre-organized and customized package.

Pick your preference of cannulas, cystotomes, needles, and, optionally, safety scalpels, and OASIS pre-packages these in our patented surgical card set.

Your surgical team and flow benefit by the reduction of prep time before surgery. Your team will appreciate they have only one single peel pouch to open rather than peeling open a dozen or so before each surgery.

There are two options to consider: Surgeon's Choice Card (includes safety knives) and Surgeon's Choice Cannula Card* (cnc only).

Customize Surgeon's Choice cards for each surgeon for efficiency and ease.


Patent No. D891248
*Patent Pending


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